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First Dance Threaders

First Dance Threaders

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About This Item:


  • 3" Length (approximately 1.5" drop length) 
  • 8mm Freshwater Pearls

Why we made this piece:

Expanding our bridal and special event collection, the First Dance Threaders are an excellent touch of elegance, vintage and classic with unique freshwater pearls to pair with any gown.

Wear it With:

  • Add a bit of sparkle with our Topaz Studs in your double piercing!
  • The Layered Anna Necklace is a delicate addition to the statement earring - just a touch of gold shimmer to complete your look!


This piece is made with 14k gold-filled. 14k gold-filled provides a high qand luxurious feel without the high price tag! To learn more about 14k gold-filled and how to care for it, click here.

Simply stated, 14k gold filled is made to last and designed to be timeless! Wear all day, everywhere you go without worry of tarnish.

Our handmade guarantee! Each item is inspected, cleaned, and polished twice to ensure the highest quality item is approved for purchase


This piece is made with 14k Gold-Filled.

14k Gold-Filled provides a high end and luxurious feel without the high price tag. Think of 14k gold filled as the greatest, affordable alternative to solid gold. It's durable, long lasting and waterproof because it is made up of a thick layer of solid gold that doesn't break down easily. Wear it in the shower, to the gym, while you travel.

A piece is considered gold-filled when its makeup consists of a thick layer of solid gold covering a base metal, usually brass. Because this layer of solid gold is so thick, it doesn't break down easily. It also doesn't consist of harsh irritants like nickel or lead, so it's safe for most sensitive skin.


Our jewelry is safe to wear in the shower, while you workout, just add it to your already existing life routine! Showering with gentle shampoos and body washes can actually help clean your piece, so no more need to take it off only to forget to put it back on after your shower. When not being worn, we recommend storing your jewelry in an air-tight container, like a ziplock bag.

Please note, with prolonged exposure to chemicals like makeup, skin/haircare, chlorine, hand sanitizer, etc., you may notice your piece darkening a bit. We recommend removing your piece prior to applying chemicals/products of the like to your skin.

Freeport, IL

Hi! I'm Mady, and I'm the maker behind your 14k gold-filled jewelry from The Langley Co. In 2021, I taught myself how to solder jewelry and have been making it almost every day ever since! All of our jewelry is made by my hands in Freeport, IL.

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