Gold Filled Endless Bracelet Appointment
Gold Filled Endless Bracelet Appointment
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Gold Filled Endless Bracelet Appointment

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Permanent jewelry in Freeport, IL!

PRICING: ranges from $35.00-$60.00 depending on chain style you pick! 

**Because these pieces go through the wear and tear of everyday, expect your piece to last one year. We have many customers whose piece still looks bright and shiny after a year, but The Langley Co. is not responsible for replacements as everyone has different lifestyles that may be harder on the dainty chains!

We offer replacements for bracelets or anklets that come off within 6 months of purchase. Just make an appointment! :) 

*please schedule only one appointment per party - NOT per person! :)
**See below for special event scheduling  

What is an Endless Bracelet?
Endless bracelets are attached in store without a clasp, so there's no more worry about getting them on or off. No worries, they'll be safe to live in - from gym to shower.

How are they attached?
These bracelets are attached by a tiny jump ring connecting the chain together on your wrist! Super simple, super easy, no welding or clasp required.

What if it breaks or I need to remove it?
Though unlikely in daily wear, for your safety, these bracelets are not indestructible and breaking IS possible. I will not deny the daintiness of these chains - if it needed to come off, it is easy to rip or cut off. The good news? Keep the chain, make an appointment to bring it back in, and I'll reattach it at no extra charge.

If your chain breaks off within 6 months of purchase, please make an appointment for a replacement! The Langley Co. is not responsible for replacing lost chains after 6 months of purchase.

What material is used? 
These bracelets are made with 14K Gold Filled - so with proper care they will last for years. If you're exposed to harsher chemicals more frequently (such as a swimmer in chlorine, a hair stylist surrounded by hair products all day everyday), expect these bracelets to last about a year.  

What is 14k Gold Filled?
14K Gold Filled is a thick layer of solid gold bonded to a base metal, brass. The thick layer of solid gold is durable to endure everyday wear, from water, sweat and sun. It is perfect for someone who doesn't like to keep repurchasing cheap plated jewelry, and doesn't want to pay the price tag of solid gold!


What's the benefit?
These bracelets take away the frustration of putting a bracelet on and taking it off by yourself. It's also such a sweet activity to do with your friends, family or significant other!! These bracelets will start at just $35.00. $35.00-$60.00 for a bracelet that will last for multiple years sounds like a sweet deal to me!

Can I get anything other than a bracelet?
Currently, I am offering both bracelets and anklets. Anklets will be the cost of the chain +$5.00.

I want to schedule an appointment!!
YAY! As of June 2022, I am not requiring a deposit, so you can have seamless and risk-free booking. Please, be sure to reschedule or cancel your appointment if something comes up. 
PLEASE CONTACT ME if you'd like to book endless bracelets for an event, such as a bachelorette party! Want me to bring endless bracelets to your event, off-site? Contact me: and we can chat!