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Gold Filled Permanent Jewelry Appointment (book one slot per group!)

Gold Filled Permanent Jewelry Appointment (book one slot per group!)

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Permanent jewelry in Freeport, IL!

PRICING: Prices range from $35-$60, with the option of bracelets and/or anklets!

CARE: Please note that the color may darken over time. Use a polishing cloth to keep your piece nice and shiny! 

APPLICATION: These bracelets are NOT "welded", they are attached with a strong jump ring. There is no difference in longevity/quality on a permanent bracelet that is "zapped" or not when attached correctly.

We choose this method of permanent jewelry for your safety. With 5 years of jewelry making experience, 3 years of soldering jewelry, and a biiiiiiitttt of anxiety over my customers safety, I have researched high and low on the pros and cons of a permanent jewelry welder, and I have personally chosen the "no zap" method because should, in an emergency, you need it off - the "unwelded" jump ring could be pulled apart.

This will NOT happen during regular day to day wear. Every bracelet that has broken that we have fixed, broke due to the delicate chain itself, and did not break at the jump ring.

At The Langley Co., we use 20 gauge jump rings for our permanent jewelry. These are strong, thicker gauge jump rings to ensure durability through everyday wear. 

*Permanent jewelry is super popular! There are many other makers who choose the welding application, that I feel I can fill a gap in the industry should you want to choose the "no weld" method. With that, having a storefront you can come to any time (with an appointment) for any fix that is needed, and using strong jump rings to embrace the wear and tear of everyday, and endless amounts of research - we will confidently not be adding a welder to our permanent jewelry.

REMOVAL: If you need to remove your bracelet, simply take little pliers or nail clippers at the link where the chain is connected. Then, if you're local, I can re-attach the bracelet for you at another time (keep the chain!) or attach a clasp for you.
If you are not local, feel free to mail the chain to 4 E Stephenson St, Freeport IL 61032 and I will attach a clasp and mail it back you at no additional charge. 

**Because these pieces go through the wear and tear of everyday, expect your piece to last at least one year. We have many customers whose piece still looks bright and shiny after two years now, but The Langley Co. is not responsible for replacements as everyone has different lifestyles that may be harder on the dainty chains!

We offer free replacements for bracelets or anklets that come off within 6 months of purchase. Just make an appointment! :) 

NOTE: The Langley Co. no longer re-attaches chains that did not originate from our store. 
14K Gold-Filled: This is a unique metal that is an affordable alternative to solid gold. Essentially, "Gold-Filled" is the opposite of it's name - a thick layer of solid gold is bonded to brass. This thick layer provides the benefits of solid gold, without the cost of a fully solid gold piece. 

Because permanent jewerly goes through the wear and tear of every day, you may notice it darkening over time. This is normal, and it is not going to tarnish or turn green.

Think about it this way: a 14k solid gold bracelet costs approximately $30-$40 per inch, with the average wrist being 7 inches. Gold-Filled bracelets are approximately $40 per bracelet. We love gold-filled for it's non-tarnish, waterproof features that give it a unique longevity without the high price tag.


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