All About Endless Bracelets

Permanent jewelry has been SUCH a popular trend as of late because it takes away all the annoying hassle that normally comes with chain bracelets! No worrying about the clasp, no worrying about the icky green stain on your skin, they’re safe to shower, sweat and travel in.
“Permanent” jewelry isn’t REALLY permanent, it’s just there until you want it off. Nothing like a tattoo, don’t worry!
PLUS - if you prefer to have a clasp on your bracelet, I can do that for you too. That way, you can still have all the benefits (hellooooo perfectly fitting bracelet!) but still have the option to remove at any time.
Prices range from $30-$55, with the option of bracelets and/or anklets!
(Sterling Silver + Gold Filled options available)
CARE: Please note that with sterling silver or gold filled pieces, the color may darken, but won't tarnish. Use a polishing cloth or for sterling silver, a sterling silver cleaner to keep your piece nice and bright!

APPLICATION: These bracelets are NOT "zapped", they are attached with a strong jump ring. 

REMOVAL: If you need to remove your bracelet, simply take little pliers or nail clippers at the link where the chain is connected. Then, if you're local, I can re-attach the bracelet for you at another time (keep the chain!) or attach a clasp for you.

If you are not local, feel free to mail the chain to 4 E Stephenson St, Freeport IL 61032 and I will attach a clasp and mail it back you at no additional charge.