About Us



The Langley Co. began in Langley, British Columbia when I (Mady) attended college. While studying abroad, I joined a campus ministry where we volunteered at a women's rehab center. At this center, we would often make jewelry with the residents to sell in their on-site market. 

After coming home to Illinois, I applied to spend my summer in Haiti, teaching Vacation Bible School at an orphanage for three months in 2019. To get there, I needed to fundraise, so I used my new jewelry making skills to raise the money that was needed.

Sadly the trip to Haiti got canceled due to political unrest, and I *almost* quit making jewelry, until my friends convinced me otherwise and to keep making.

Over the past few years, I have learned more than just jewelry making skills - I've grown in communication, relationships, experiences, volunteer opportunities, and more. All growth is inspired and accredited to (doing my best) to follow the Lord's direction of The Langley Co.

Our brick and mortar store in October of 2021, completely funded off of the jewelry made during the previous two years.

Now, I have the best team in the world, and we've gotten to collaborate with local non-profits to host fundraisers, inspire connection in our community through events with other small businesses in Freeport, and do whatever possible to keep our storefront a safe, comfortable, Jesus loving environment for anyone to come into and enjoy.