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Hi! We're The Langley Co., and we make all of our 14k Gold-Filled jewelry by hand, right here at our storefront in Freeport, IL. 14K Gold-Filled means the jewelry has a thick layer of gold bonded to brass - allowing the luxury feel of a solid gold piece without the high price tag.

14K Gold-Filled is always nickel and lead free and safe for *most sensitive ears.
*No common irritants are found in 14k Gold-Filled, which is the leading cause of people not finding comfort in their earrings. However, factors such as the weight of an item, on rare occasions, can irritate ears as well. Luckily, we do what we can to keep our pieces as lightweight as possible (most people say they don't even feel them in!).

Contact us to carry The Langley Co. jewelry in your brick-and-mortar location! We love working business-to-business, and can't wait to find out if we're a match for your location! Please send us an email containing the following information:

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