About Charm Bar

Welcome to our charm bar!
*as of April 20, only necklaces are available

Here's how it works: 

14k gold-filled chain options start at $40/necklace, up to $60/necklace
14k gold-filled charms start at $3/charm, up to $10/charm
*Average necklace approixamately $75 - can be more or less based on your prefrences!

The Process:
You pick your charms, we assemble! This appointment will last approximately 30 minutes per group, as typically the most time-consuming (and most fun) portion will be making the final decisions on your design!


- Only one appointment is required per group

- We will only customize chains that originate from The Langley Co. (We cannot add charms to any chains outside of The Langley Co. inventory)

- We do not add charms to permanent jewelry - all charm bar designs will have a clasp attached to them

- All materials are 14k Gold-Filled!