Endless Bracelets

Woohoo! A perfect summer staple piece, coming soon. Endless bracelets are attached in store without a clasp, so there's no more worry about getting them on or off. No worries, they'll be safe to live in - from gym to shower.

These are 14K Gold Filled - so with proper care they will last for years. If you're exposed to harsher chemicals more frequently (such as a swimmer in chlorine, a hair stylist surrounded by hair products all day everyday), expect these bracelets to last about a year. They're expected to last longer - but they are gold filled, not solid gold, to ensure long wear AND a low price point.

The benefit?! These bracelets will start at just $30.00. $30.00 for a bracelet that will last for multiple years sounds like a sweet deal to me!

Can't wait to introduce Endless Bracelets to The Langley Co. this summer!